Make-A-Wish ® Australia makes the impossible possible!

Make-A- Wish take really sick children and teenagers on a carefully designed, unique journey where their most cherished wish comes true, giving them hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness and joy from their incredible wish experience.

Receiving all sorts of wishes, like to meet a dinosaur, be a ‘plane driver’, see snow in Cairns – Make-A-Wish are in the business of making the impossible possible. And the impact is incredible!

Research shows that seriously ill kids who’ve experienced a unique wish journey showed:

  • A significant reduction in distress, depression and anxiety.
  • A reduced sense of their own physical limitations.
  • A greater health related quality of life.
  • A greater sense of hope for the future.

Every day, six families around Australia receive the devastating news that their child has a life-threatening medical condition. That’s 2,000 families each year in need of the healing power of a wish; four times the number Make-A- Wish are currently able to reach.

In 2016 The Corvettes Western Australia Club raised a total of $2,000 for Make-A-Wish Australia. We are a proud member of the #WishForce and look forward to raising more needed funding this year at the club.


If you’d like to get involved please get in touch with Greg – gjwalk2@bigpond.com”