COWA Code 404 Concessional Vehicles


Club requirements for code 404 vehicles for an ‘impromptu event’

1. Go to club web site,
2. Click on “Club Info” and then click on “Code 404 Concessional vehicles”
3. Click on “Impromptu Event” link.
4. Once the PDF Opens, Complete Page 2.
5. When filled out:
Save a Copy to your Computer
Print a Copy out as this needs to be carried in the Vehicle during the event
Email a copy to the Club President, this is the Log that needs to be recorded for Club Requirements.
6. This procedure is designed to comply with C.M.C. requirements and thus to cover you in case of an accident or if you get challenged by the Police.

  • Remember!  Do NOT abuse the code 404 privilege that we enjoy! Note: You will NOT get a reply or response as the club only needs this document to validate your “Impromptu Event”.
Club Code 404 Impromptu Event

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